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Focus Areas

Expanding into New Markets
Connect with ROBOTICS

Robotics will change the future. We’re here to help.

Robotics and automation are poised to be one of the world’s greatest modern disruptors. Robotics companies driving this revolution require strong vision and superior skills for software and hardware development. To stay on top, they have to move fast. What better way to move fast accessing generations of hardware and manufacturing expertise and global scale?

Partnerships and strategic investments in robotics companies enable us to support the growth of the most innovative technologies by harnessing our proven capabilities. We provide servicing and support, deployment, design for servicing, maintenance, manufacturing, and distribution. For more information about how we work with robotic companies, check out The Value of Bringing on Strategics in Robotics.

Next GenerationEnterprise SolutionsPractice
Next Generation
Enterprise Solutions
Next Generation Enterprise Solutions
Connect with NGESP

Managing a large company can be difficult. You have established systems, you have regulated processes, and you struggle with the “move fast” mentality. As we move to an age of connected technologies, improved data and analytics, and automation, it is essential that you get ahead of the curve.

Our Next Generation Enterprise Solutions provides integrated systems and services to improve productivity, lower costs, and streamline work experience and information flow. We’re building a full practice to provide essential enterprise technology needs. Our Application Performance and Integrity Management is only the first step.

Connect with HEALTHCARE

The healthcare industry is experiencing a historic changes and we’re here to help navigate.

Ever-evolving technologies are transforming traditional methods of providing service, and new regulations prompt business changes for providers and payers alike. We believe in the power of these technologies to improve patient outcomes, increase access to care, and reduce costs.

For our healthcare initiatives, we look to our trusted Healthcare Advisory Council to provide insight into the evolving needs of the industry and crucial customer feedback on our growing portfolio. 

As a result of the interactions with our council and as we move forward with a renewed commitment to becoming your partner in healthcare technology, we launched a telehealth platform for secure and collaborative patient and provider interaction.  Check out our website and Virtual Care Management or email us to learn more about BIC Health Innovation.

Workplace ofthe Future
Workplace of
the Future
Connect with WORKPLACE

The world is changing. Is your workplace?

New technologies, new talent, and new global opportunities are changing the fabric of the modern workforce. It is quickly becoming more quantified, automated, on-demand, and frictionless. This transformation requires organizations to redesign how they create intelligent ecosystems to support employees, partners, and customers alike.

Our Workplace of the Future provides curated experience of proven workplace solutions designed to empower your business at every level.

Connected Intelligence
Connected Intelligence
Connected Intelligence
Connect with CiE

Everything is connected.

Technologies no longer exist in siloes. They are constantly interacting with data, history, and other technologies. From your personal devices to your business ecosystem, data flows between a host of smart devices. Accelerating the connectivity of your business technologies is an essential component of driving business efficiencies.

Our Connect Intelligent Ecosystem provides smart services designed to deliver business impact by combining the capabilities of IoT, big data, and analytics.



We are a strategic investor in emerging companies with proven technologies that align to our core areas of focus. We seek companies with strong IP who can benefit from a global company with over a century of expertise.

Featured Ecosystem Partners

We’re located in the heart of Silicon Valley – the home of the most robust global technology ecosystem. We bring our strategic expertise to partnership with leading and emerging companies, accelerators/incubators, investors, industry groups, and thought leaders.


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